Why You Should Bring Your Pets to Southwood Animal Hospital?

Pets are very susceptible to disease because of their environment, food, and interactions with other animals. As an animal lover, you should give love that can help your pet recover from these various diseases. Here, Southwood Animal Hospital has provided many services for your pet.

Diseases That Often Affect Pets

Pets are very susceptible to dangerous diseases and threaten their health. Moreover, we as owners have difficulty in identifying the problems they are facing. Therefore, it is important for you to know what diseases often attack pets.

Feline Immunodefiency Virus

Pets are very difficult to show the pain they are going through. No wonder many owners are confused when there is a significant change in behavior for their pets. Cats infected with FIV usually don’t show symptoms for several years.

This virus makes the cat’s immune system decline gradually and needs to get good medical care. For those of you who worry that your pet has this disease, you should first know the symptoms. These symptoms include fever, enlarged lymph nodes, anemia, diarrhea, dull hair, and many more.


The next common disease that the pets usually have is heartworm. Pets can also be infected with heartworms and this is one of the health problems that cats often experience. This disease is spread by mosquitoes and previously infected and transmitted to pets.

This illness causes a prolonged cough, breathing problems, weight loss, vomiting, lethargy, and can suddenly kill pets. By keeping the surroundings where the pet lives clean, you can also avoid this disease and make your pet happy and comfortable without any pains.


Rabies is a viral infection that attacks the brain and spinal cord in mammals, including cats. They can become infected by eating or being bitten by wild animals they encounter, such as raccoons, bats, and others. One way to prevent rabies in cats is to give them a rabies vaccine.

However, rabies can still attack pets that have been vaccinated. Therefore, it is important for you as the owner to know the symptoms found in pets. These symptoms are frequent meowing, weakness, no appetite, convulsions, unable to move, and others.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Cats often experience this infection and it irritates their respiratory tract, starting from the nose, throat, and sinuses that are prone to viral and bacterial infections. Generally, cats can get upper respiratory infections due to Feline calicivirus and Feline herpesvirus.

Therefore, you should take the cat to the vet right once to avoid contaminating other cats. There are several symptoms this disease can cause, such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, drooling, decreased appetite, stress, and irritation of the eyes.


Cancer not only attacks humans but can also attack your pets. Both are equally dangerous and must get treated quickly in accordance with existing procedures and methods. Cancer in pets causes uncontrolled cell growth, so it can spread to other places and cause it to get worse. 

There are several symptoms that you can see if your pets have cancer, such as there are lumps on the body, the body looks swollen, bad breath, weakness, weight loss, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, to changes in behavior. 

Several Services at Southwood Animal Hospital

Just like any other veterinary hospital, Southwood Hospital provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of its patients. If you feel your pet is experiencing some negative symptoms related to his health, immediately go to this hospital.

Advanced Care

The skilled veterinarian staff at this animal hospital offers comprehensive medical care, ranging from standard to cutting-edge surgeries and treatments. Although they handle most of the medical and surgical needs of pets at home, they can also provide referrals for more appropriate treatment to the hospital.

There are several treatments that your pet will get if you choose advanced care. Those treatments are behavioral counseling, internal medicine, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, pain management, and many others. Giving love to pets is the desire of animal lovers so they can be happy.

Surgical Procedures

The next service is surgical procedures which include several treatments. It all provides assistance to your pet later. First, the function of spaying and neutering is lifting male or female reproductive organs to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reproductive cancers that threaten the life of your pet.

Second, anesthesia, to keep your pet safe and the risks of surgery low. They use a combination of pre-op evaluations, contemporary anesthetic medications, and cutting-edge anesthetic monitoring devices. Fewer side effects, complete pain relief, and faster post-surgery recovery your pet can get.

Wellness and Prevention

Without preventive treatment, small changes in an animal’s health or behavior may go unnoticed since many animals are clever at masking the symptoms of a problem. Early identification, age-specific evaluations, and regular wellness checkups from head to tail help keep your pet healthy. 

At this hospital, the staff performs treatment aimed at prevention by means of early diagnosis and treatment of pets. They guarantee that your pet will be healthy through several existing procedures and methods. In addition, making your pet comfortable during the examination is their priority.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is usually needed when the pet experiences some sudden events. In cases like this, usually pets will need quick service to avoid things that are not desirable. In this case, urgent care is very helpful. Besides that, you can contact this animal hospital through their official number. 

There are several cases in urgent care and maybe your pets feel this case. The cases includes prolonged diarrhea, vomiting that contains blood, foaming at the mouth, swallowing a foreign object, ingestion of a toxic substance, and difficulty urinating.

There are various diseases that pets feel and they need special care and treatment according to their needs. It is important for you to know the symptoms that occur in pets. After that, the veterinarian will do a diagnosis to your pets. Southwood animal hospital is the best place for your pet.

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