Several Reasons Why Josh Gates Hospitalized

Now, a lot of people are becoming TV presenters and trying to explore many things. Josh Gates is one of them. However, unfortunately, sad news came to his fans, Josh Gates hospitalized because there were several things that caused his health to decline.

Get to Know about Josh Gates

American television producer and host Josh Gates works in the industry. He served as the host and co-executive producer of the Syfy programs Destination Truth and Stranded, and he presently serves as the host and co-executive producer of Expedition on The Discovery Channel.

Josh Gates is known by the name Exploring Josh Gates. For a chat program unlike any other on Josh Gates Tonight, Josh has been asking celebrities and experts to digitally join him in his expedition headquarters for a number of months.

As the host of Discovery’s wildly popular series Expedition Unknown, explorer Josh Gates is well known for traveling the world and looking for explanations for the unexplainable. As America’s most daring talk-show host, he is currently carrying out his most recent, dangerous assignment.

Why is Josh Gates Hospitalized?

Josh Gates gain a lot of fans around the world. No wonder the sad news that befell him now makes his fans sad. Maybe some of you are also curious about why John Gates is in the hospital. Here are some of the entire reasons!

Eating Open Food

Josh gates with the team hospitalized after eating bat feces-infested food. After taking several risky pictures over a prolonged period of time, the presenter feels unwell. He was admitted to the hospital after eating contaminated food, and they both contracted the rotavirus and ended up there.

Around January 2018, he and other members of the Discovery team were living and working for a few days in the deep below when the incident happened. Bats, beetles, and other animals contaminated them when they ate the exposed food. 

Has a Rare Allergy

Allergies are reactions of the human immune system (immune system) to certain substances that should not be harmful. These reactions can cause various symptoms, such as runny nose, itchy skin rash, or even shortness of breath. Substances that can trigger an allergic response are called allergens.

Josh Gates has a rare allergy to hedera helix. Hedera helix is a plant commonly used for various health conditions. In fact, because of this, he was often hospitalized. Maybe some people rarely find this allergy suffers someone. However, Josh Gates experienced this so the impact was quite severe.

Lose Weight

Losing weight can actually have an impact on health. During the pandemic, Josh Gates lost 30 pounds. This happens because he does not do much activity, rarely exercises, and does a healthy diet. It was this way that caused him to lose a lot of weight.

Gates spent most of the year before the outbreak abroad filming episodes of the Discovery Channel series Expedition Unknown. The pandemic has restricted many of their movements in their daily activities. No wonder the situation made him lose a lot of weight and even follow an unhealthy diet.

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How to Deal with Allergies?

As mentioned before, Josh Gates has a rare allergy that causes him to stay in the hospital. Maybe you also have certain allergies to some things and have difficulty dealing with them. To find out information about how to deal with allergies without the help of drugs, you can read the post below!

Know the Trigger Factors and Avoid Them

Many people focus on using medications to treat allergic itching. Actually, the most important thing in treating itching due to allergies is to find out the triggering factors for allergic itching and avoid them as much as possible.

By knowing the factors that trigger itching from allergies, you can avoid the occurrence of a more severe impact without having to use drugs. In addition, you can also compress the skin area that has a rash with cold water. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes until the itching on the skin begins to subside.

Don’t Scratch

Usually, allergies can cause very severe itching. If you experience this, you should not scratch it, because it can cause irritation and infection of the skin. On the other hand, scratching can also worsen the condition of your skin, not even cure the allergy.

To avoid the urge to scratch, cover the itchy skin with comfortable clothing. In addition, another preventive measure is to trim the nails. This is because the nails will harbor a lot of bacteria. You worry that the impact will be more severe if you make direct contact with the skin.

Cold Shower

The next tip is doing cold showers can also be one way to reduce itching due to allergies. To be more effective in relieving itching, add baking soda or an oatmeal bath product to a bath already filled with cold water. Moreover, if the itching doesn’t go away, you can try applying an anti-itch medication.

Use an anti-itch medication that contains hydrocortisone or calamine as the main ingredient. Apply an anti-itch medication to the itchy skin twice a day until the itching subsides. If necessary, taking antihistamines can also relieve allergic itching.

Consult a Doctor

If allergies occur more severe than before, you should consult a doctor. The goal is that the administration of the drug can be in accordance with the dose and needs of your body. In addition, consulting a doctor will also help you to find out the triggers of the allergy.

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Usually, the doctor will prescribe medication for you to relieve allergies. Do not forget to ask how the right way to deal with allergies. This provides an opportunity for you so that allergies do not appear in the future.

Those are the reasons why Josh Gates hospitalized. During a pandemic like this, we should keep our bodies fit and be able to do various activities productively. Watch the food you eat and exercise regularly. Hope he can go back to TV and entertain many people with his program. 

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