The name of Ezania's "TaDa"-Departement is composed of two abreviations: "Tajdied" and "Dawa"  - Tada ! -

"Tajdied" stands for "renewal, reform, in regard to empowering individuals to analyze society and their position into it in order to make it more easy for them to make changes and transitions, based on islamic values, so they can live upto islamic values an islamic living style within a more secure environment or at least they are better educated, armed, as before against forces trying to alter and in the end destroy the islamic perspectives".

"Dawa" is generally understood as "to invite to Islam", or "to invite to come nearer towards Islam", or also as "to invite to become or a Muslim or, if already a Muslim, to become closer to what is perceived as the core of Islam; to grow stronger in faith (imaan); to uphold and defend with more strive and impact islamic values and the islamic livingstyles".

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>> Thursday September 14, 2006 <<

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