29 Rajab 1427
Ezania has placed an order for the production of two new stamps.
The first stamp commemorates that the polity Ezania acquires the first ship of its fleet: the sailing boat "NOMAD".
The revenues of the second stamp will serve to boost the campaign "Muslim Midwives for Every Pregnant Muslim Family"

29 Rajab 1427 collection
Ezania's first ship: Sail ship "NOMAD"
* These are pre-production previews *

To order these stamps write to:
The minimum amount to order is 1 sheet of 15 stamps (with each stamp having the same design).
Cost: 1 sheet (15 stamps) + Ezania attestation: 25 Euro/ $33 US
The stamps are delivered by air mail in a protective envelope the size of the sheet (so the sheet won't be folded).
You receive a full sheet; other stamps are used to mail the sheet(s) to you.
Contact us to find out how to make the payment.

After placing your order you will receive an anti-spam message.
You must reply to it so your mail will reach the Ezania postmaster.
State clearly:
(1) What the design of the stamps is your would like to receive. See Ezania's Stamp Editions.
(2) How many sheets you want to order - 1 sheet = 15 stamps.

These stamps can be used to send mail all over the globe if used from within Belgium.
These stamps are produced for Ezania only and not available elsewhere.

All revenues go to the Ezania Treasury.
Thank you for your support !