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29 Rajab 1427
Ezania has placed an order for the production of two new stamps.
The first stamp commemorates that the polity Ezania acquires the first ship of its fleet: the sailing boat "NOMAD".
The revenues of the second stamp will serve to boost the "Muslim Midwives for Every Pregnant Muslim Family"-campaign.
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28 Safar 1427
The Bureau of Postal Services is most proud to announce the issuing of two postal stamps after heavy negotiations with the Postal Services of the kingdom of Belgium they agreed to publish our first 2 stamps for the polity Ezania.
Both stamps can be used to mail post, locally or worldwide,  when used within the kingdom of Belgium.
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The stamps can be ordered for worldwide delivery.
They can be used to send mail world wide from within the Kingdom of Belgium.
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               Head of the Postal Services of Ezania