Ezania's first collection: Rabi Al-Awwal, 1427

1st Islamic stamp in Belgium
2nd Islamic stamp in Belgium !
28 Safar 1427

The Bureau of Postal Services is most proud to announce the issuing of two postal stamps.
After heavy negotiations the kingdom of Belgium has agreed to publish these stamps for the polity Ezania.

After having placed the order and having paid for it no news was received. Only after enquiring several times by phone and email the Postal Services of Ezania were told the proposed stamps were not accepted by the censor. Having already paid for it and having received an email the stamps would be mailed after having been printed didn't mean anything, according to Belgian Postal Services.

Once stamp, picturing a Muslim man, was thought to be a portrait of an ayatollah. In fact it is a cut out from a drawing made by an orientalist at the end of the 18th century.
The other stamp was revoked by the Belgian Postal Services because it "might contain a political slogan in Arabic".

After heavy negotiations and providing proof not of neutrality but of well trained propaganda and contra-propaganda skills it was agreed on the stamps would be printed and delivered. Victory for Ezania! May Allah grant us more victories for the Ummah!

Both stamps can be used to mail post, locally or worldwide,  when used within the kingdom of Belgium
and towards the territories of Ezania.

The stamps can be ordered for worldwide delivery. Support the Polity Ezania. Buy Stamps !

               Head of the Postal Services of Ezania