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The Secret History of the Credit  Card
How banks lure you into modern slavery: debt.
View online: (PBS 2004)
Text: secret_history_of_the_credit_card.doc (25,5 kB)
Download: The Secret History of the Credit  Card.avi (149 MB)

The Money Trap
You do not have debts? Your bank will help you out...
Download: The Money Trap.avi (307 MB)

The Corporation
Most excellent documentary revealing present capitalist system brings forward a psychopathic-like institution: The Corporation.
For sale on DVD:
The Corporation - Part 1 (700 MB)
The Corporation - Part 2 (699 MB)
Poster The Corporation
Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers
Why is the lifestyle of consumerism a source of such rage today?
How come the privilege of buying goods does not automatically lead to happiness?
Why all this emptiness despite our wealth?
If the free market isn't the answer and communism neither then isn't it about time Muslims come forward?
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Download: Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers.avi (701MB)

The New Rulers of the World
Documentary about the effects of globalization, extension of colonialism.
Focus on Indonesia, the world largest "Muslim country" (...).
Download: The New Rulers of the World.avi (336 MB)

If ... the oil runs out.
Tue 30 May 2006

It's 2016 and the world is in crisis. The Oil Age is coming to an end.
Global supply can't keep up with soaring demand and the price of petrol is going through the roof.
So now the oil companies are in a race, to the ends of the earth in a desperate search for Black Gold.
But what happens if the oil isn't out there anymore? What then?
Blending drama and documentary, this film investigates the scenario which experts fear will come true
when the cheap oil on which we depend starts to run out. Suddenly we won't be able to take anything
for granted any more.
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Download:  If ... the oil runs out.avi (600 MB)
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The End of Suburbia
Documentary. Not only our major means of transport depend on oil, also our way of living is connected
with oil.
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Download:  If ... the oil runs out.avi (207 MB)
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