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Muslim Spain
Documentary. AVI-file format: ready to play on a PC. 761 MB
Muslim Spain (761 MB)
Muslim Spain (cover).jpg (77,1 kB)
Muslim Spain.txt (992 Bytes)

L'Age D'or de L'Islam
Excellent documentary in French, no subtitles.
Overview of all files related to this documentary (cover, ...): http://www.ezania.net/stuff/spain/age.dor
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* 2 versions are available
(1) AVI-version
2 files packed in ARC format. Unpack with programs like ZIP-It.
Part 1: L age Or de l Islam - Part 1 de 2 (A).ace (381 MB)
Part 2: L age Or de l Islam - Part 2 de 2 (B).ace (381 MB)
Poster: Muslim Spain Poster (78,8 kB)
DVD Box cover: Cover (553 kB)
Information: Muslim Spain.txt (582 Bytes)
On IslamicTorrents.com: http://www.islamictorrents.net/details.php?id=905 (Do read !)
Image of what happened to the Muslims after having been tortured, their children having been
kidnapped, the Muslim women having been given into slavery all over Christian Europe, ....
Christian Terror.jpg (15,2 kB)

(2) DVD-version
The 2 image-files must be burned as should each to a DVD to recreate the original.
Each file is about 4,11 GB. Files might become available after August 2006.

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